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What is an Online Personal Trainer?

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How are my services designed for gamers specifically?

Typically, gamers live a sedentary lifestyle of which a large percentage are novices within exercise, or have never exercised before. My services are directed at people who want to gain the confidence to start exercising or advance their current ability. With my constant support, I hope to instil not only my knowledge around diet and exercise with my clients, but the ability to find that inner confidence, setting your goals high and working with you to over exceed your expectations. Please bear in mind that if you're after weight loss, exercise is not essential, so don't think if that's your goal, I'll be prescribing a rigorous exercise plan, it'll be designed around your needs and preferences.


My overall goal is to instil the knowledge in my clients so that after 8-12 weeks with me, they will never need a personal trainer again, unless your goals change drastically. When starting a fitness or nutritional shift in your life, or even if you already have some experience, there is certainly bad habits which can form. These bad habits may stick with you for years and be hard to shift. Hiring an online personal trainer like myself ensures you set off in the right direction.

Many novices – including my younger self – are guilty of simply ‘winging it’, piling the food in while training hard at the gym, no structure, no correct diet plan, just hoping everything aligned. This resulted in months of wasted time, minimal results, unnecessary expenses on gym memberships and supplements. When all I needed to do was to hire an online personal trainer, saving myself time and money. As the quote says above, hiring an online personal trainer is an investment not an expense.

The same could be said with weight loss, there are a shocking amount of diet plans out there, which many are unnecessarily restricting. Bodybuilders are professionals are altering their physiques, whether you are interested in exercise or not, us personal trainers know how to get that body fat percentage lower. Losing weight isn’t as complex as it’s made out to be.

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