Here are some transformations of my clients with their testimonials. Please note that all clients detailed below have given me permission to upload these photos. There are many of my clients who do not want to disclose their transformation pictures, so as a respect for their privacy, this is merely a handful of clients that I’ve worked with.

Charlie's 12 Week Transformation

Charlie 12 week transformation

Charlie came to me having gained some weight over the last few years, placing his health at a second priority, leading a very busy lifestyle. Over the past 12 weeks he’s lost over 11kg of fat and gained muscle in the process. Charlie leads an extremely busy lifestyle working many hours, often away from home, so fitting in exercise and structured nutrition was a challenge. With a pair of heavy-duty dumbbells and an incredible amount of determination, he has completely transformed his body and mind. Here are some words from the man himself:

“Prior to my transformation, I wasn’t too comfortable with going swimming or to places where I’d have to get the shirt off. Now I feel happily content with it, it’s not something I worry about now. I also feel more confident in dating, as girls have made comments about how my body looks now which is nice. Also feels like other people around me like family and friends are getting in the gym more now and are more motivated at least for now which feels good. I walk with more confidence, find it easier to hold myself with good posture and find myself more able to excel socially. An average day for me now is filled with much more energy, the positive changes in diet and regular exercise has really helped. Thank you, Ryan, feels good to be more comfortable in my own body, couldn’t have done it without you.”

Tyler 10 Week Transformation

Tyler Glitch Coaching

Tyler has over exceeded my expectations within these 10 weeks and lost 8kg (18lbs). He stuck to my diet advice, embraced the workout plan I set and has been rewarded with great results. Some words from Tyler’s testimonial:

Ryan is a fantastic PT! I came to Ryan as a former high level martial artist with a First in Sports Coaching & Science degree who knows his way around a gym. I had lost my drive and passion and piled on the weight over Covid, even with my own home gym in the next room. Ryan was very thorough and catered the training plan to the finest detail. What I feel sets Ryan apart from other PTs is the consistent weekly feedback. I received these in the form of videos discussing my weeks performance & areas that could be improved or things I might have been struggling with. He has given me the drive and the tools to continue forward with my healthier lifestyle.

If you are debating whether or not to hire Ryan, please do! Your happiness and health are worth every penny! 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Anthony 20 Week Transformation

I really put Anthony to the test and he delivered the results! Over the past 12 weeks he’s put on 4kg of muscle, he then completed an 8 week cutting phase to shed some fat before his holiday, in all he gained muscle and lost fat through the process. Some words from Anthony’s testimonial:

I came to Ryan low on confidence, having not trained since the beginning of lock down in March 2020, Losing weight, muscle and feeling very demotivated. We had a brief consultation over a call with me explaining where I was wanting to go with my body, how often I could train amongst other questions. I wanted to gain weight and look toned, I filled out a simple form and Ryan came back with a Dedicated 12 week plan for me to gain muscle and follow, which was really simple. He was on only a message away if I had any questions or was unsure on anything. The training plan was very informative and was an excellent challenge. Following on from the 12 weeks I have picked up ALOT of new habits in my life to better my positive mindset and mental health. I couldn’t be happier to be working with Ryan. If you are feeling unmotivated, or a little lost in life maybe, going to the gym and picking up new habits will change your life for the better! 5/5 service

Patrick 12 Week Transformation

Patrick 12 week weight loss transformation

“My experience with the Glitch Coaching program has been brilliant. I went into this knowing very little about anything fitness, dieting, etc… and my only prior experience with consistent exercise was running on-and-off over the last couple of years.

Ryan was able to take all of this into consideration when planning out my goals, schedule, and approach to coaching me and it was a phenomenal experience from start to finish. He was incredibly patient and willing to teach during the early stages, then as I learned and put things together myself he helped expand on the knowledge I’d gained over those first few weeks and pushed me at a reasonable pace with new exercises to work in to keep me from getting complacent.

He was also able to work my prior experience and enjoyment of running into my program, allowing me to keep at it and form the plan around it. That adaptability is what I think has made Ryan such a fantastic coach for me and the others who’ve participated in Glitch Coaching so far.

I felt little to no hesitation when it came to asking questions about the program, always got solid answers in a timely manner, and also had a really well laid-out set of materials to work from and keep track of my progress and feedback when needed. Incredibly impressed with the quality of the program available and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something to get you on the right track.”

Harry 12 Week Transformation

Harry before and after transformation weight loss glitch coaching

A huge thank you is in order for this program. I don’t think I could have had this progress in my mind, body and overall health if it wasn’t for you! I’m so much happier and healthier than I was 12 weeks ago, having you teach me the knowledge and reasons behind the program really interested me and made me try even harder, even on my down days. You’re honestly such an inspiration and I cannot wait to start this body transformation on my own. I cannot recommend this enough if you want to improve your life.

Lozz 4 Week Transformation

Lozz transformation 4 week transformation weight loss

“When I started the programme with Ryan I really lacked the confidence to get to my goal weight and in myself, his coaching, positivity and his guidance is honestly incredible. Not only did I hit my target weight I hit it in record time.

Cannot fault Ryan’s motivation, dedication to myself as a person, he has made me feel 100 times better then I have felt in a long time!, he unearthed the confidence I lost within myself and that’s all because of the coaching and guidance I received. 11/10 would recommend, and if I ever find myself in a similar position again I’ll be making a bee-line for him without hesitation! Keep up the incredible work sir!

Jordan's 8 Week Transformation

Jordan 8 week transformation glitch coaching

Working with Ryan has been nothing short of a life changing experience, he gave me the motivation and accountability I needed to take action on myself and make the right changes I needed after being stuck in a rut. I came to Ryan after adding a lot of weight during COVID and have managed to lose 15lb with 8 weeks of his program, I would recommend Ryan to anyone as it’s literally a life changing experience investing in yourself and Ryan will always be there to share his knowledge and give you the tools you need to make a change.

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