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Created by myself - Ryan Nettleship, in 2022, Glitch Coaching was born! The idea behind the name is referring to a Glitch, a malfunction or fault of some sort. In many areas of our life, we are not perfect. When it comes to our fitness and health, even the best of the best find ways to improve, they fix the glitches. Just like a glitch in a game, it's typically temporary, which is where my coaching can help.


Online personal training is what I do. Glitch Coaching is aimed towards gamers, many of which may have little or no experience when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Approaching a personal trainer can be daunting, what to expect? Is it complicated? I've never stepped foot in a gym before? I want to put you at ease, after-all, I'm a gamer too! Programs are created on your skill level and a key goal is to ensure you're comfortable every step of the way.


The gaming industry is growing year on year, with Esports becoming more recognised globally. It's not a myth that prolonged screen time from gaming, is typically coupled with physical inactivity. This physical inactivity can lead to a numerous amount of health disadvantages. For gamers all around the world, many may be too afraid to reach out for help, or where to start when it comes to their diet or exercise. Here at Glitch Coaching, I want this to be a safe place you can reach your goals, and reap the rewards of a more healthy way of life, while still doing what you love - gaming!


Bespoke training programs, nutritional advice and community support. Whether novice or advanced when it comes to exercise, there is a training plan that can be made to fit all needs. I want to build a real sense of community through our Discord, make friends, share successes and speak with likeminded gamers, who want to make positive change to their health.
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Ryan Nettleship

Online Personal Trainer
I’ve always had interest in the gym, alongside an interest in teaching people. I found a passion in educating others nutrition and fitness. I finally took the leap to become a Personal Trainer and couldn’t be happier. Helping people achieve greatness within their own bodies gives me a great sense of fulfilment, providing the key to unlock your full potential is very rewarding.


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