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My Transformation

I had always been skinny growing up, not able to put on any weight regardless of what I ate. Over my 10 years of training I’ve learnt a lot, failed, adjusted, and tried again. I’m at a very confident level with my physique and I’m here to show you how this process works, and how […]


Jay has lost a total of 34 pounds (15.4kg / 2 stone 6 pounds) in only 15 weeks! Before this process, Jay had a terrible habit of snacking, eating junk food, and just being unrestricted with his calorie intake. Over the last 3 years he’s put on weight slowly but surely. When embarking on losing […]

Charlie’s 12 week Transformation

Prior to my transformation, I wasn’t too comfortable with going swimming or to places where I’d have to get the shirt off. Now I feel happily content with it, it’s not something I worry about now. I also feel more confident in dating, as girls have made comments about how my body looks now which […]


A huge thank you is in order for this program. I don’t think I could have had this progress in my mind, body and overall health if it wasn’t for you! I’m so much happier and healthier than I was 12 weeks ago, having you teach me the knowledge and reasons behind the program really […]


My experience with the Glitch Coaching online coaching has been brilliant. I went into this knowing very little about anything fitness, dieting, etc… and my only prior experience with consistent exercise was running on-and-off over the last couple of years. Ryan was able to take all of this into consideration when planning out my goals, […]


Working with Ryan has been nothing short of a life changing experience, he gave me the motivation and accountability I needed to take action on myself and make the right changes I needed after being stuck in a rut. I came to Ryan after adding a lot of weight during COVID and have managed to […]


I came to Ryan low on confidence, having not trained since the beginning of lock down in March 2020, Losing weight, muscle and feeling very demotivated. We had a brief consultation over a call with me explaining where I was wanting to go with my body, how often I could train amongst other questions. I […]


Ryan is a fantastic PT! I came to Ryan as a former high level martial artist with a First in Sports Coaching & Science degree who knows his way around a gym. I had lost my drive and passion and piled on the weight over Covid, even with my own home gym in the next […]