Patrick 12 week weight loss transformation

My experience with the Glitch Coaching online coaching has been brilliant. I went into this knowing very little about anything fitness, dieting, etc… and my only prior experience with consistent exercise was running on-and-off over the last couple of years.

Ryan was able to take all of this into consideration when planning out my goals, schedule, and approach to coaching me and it was a phenomenal experience from start to finish. He was incredibly patient and willing to teach during the early stages, then as I learned and put things together myself he helped expand on the knowledge I’d gained over those first few weeks and pushed me at a reasonable pace with new exercises to work in to keep me from getting complacent.

He was also able to work my prior experience and enjoyment of running into my program, allowing me to keep at it and form the plan around it. That adaptability is what I think has made Ryan such a fantastic coach for me and the others who’ve participated in Glitch Coaching so far. Incredibly impressed with the quality of the program available and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something to get you on the right track.